Friday, June 25, 2010

Wit and Whimsy within Deep, Deep South Gardening

Gardening with the sunny-side-of-life in mind and cultivated with trowel...
Both real and painted flowers brighten up the background of...

...Kev's potting bench area. Proof here that a potting area can be neat.

A delightful mobile made of drift wood n' sea shells by Rose.

I always appreciate a good sense of humor and I also appreciate it when beauty is not taken oh, so seriously but rather with a good dash of what I call, "wit n' whimsy"...and our friend Kev's garden does just this.

Natural beauty within a garden's landscape and, in this case, within Kev's neatly defined garden rooms can become all too formalized, all way too serious if we let it become more show than soul. Thankfully in regards to Kev's garden there in Bendigo, Australia, his sense of good humor shows throughout in many stylish touches. Cheerfulness exudes and the fortunate visitor becomes enchanted by this as they pass through the garden rooms and then find themselves lingering by the porched patio's outdoor fire pit late on into the evening. Ralph Waldo Emerson quipped that, "the earth laughs in flowers" and so it seems so natural that we gardeners and garden lovers should be laughing all the while as well.....
(A special thank you to Kev for giving me the permission to write about his very inspiring garden & share this with my readers!)

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