Friday, June 11, 2010

Fall Fashion Preview from... Autumn in Australia Part 2

Great grape purple-hued styling as seen on the streets of Melbourne, Australia...
A deep purple wool short-cut trench coat looks simply stellar for 2010's Fall Fashion season!

This fall season's tailored menswear adds a wonderful dash of lavender-scarf to gray suiting.

High stylin' bankers go for the lavender and purple ties plus check out that trench coat- there it is again!

Our friend Rose funks-out purple in a great artsy n' casual vibe as we antique shop.

Purple reigns! No, not Prince's Purple Rain but rather a much more regal intonation of what has always been a hue of color associated with royalty throughout the ages. Add in a bit of ermine and some clustered big ole' jewels... well, I wouldn't be too surprised actually if that kind of additional accessorizing happened during this coming fall fashion season.

From midnight purple to warm plum to light, silvery lavender... a myriad of purple tones were literally spotted all around the sophisticated city streets of Melbourne, Australia recently. Currently it's their fall fashion season occurring right on the heels, stiletto heels no doubt, of the great Melbourne Fashion Week shows. Fashion is definitely strongly within this crisp fall air!

It was interesting to me to see how such a bold, decidedly non-neutral color was being interpreted within on-the-street fashion and I wasn't disappointed in the least at both the classic rendering of this as well as the more creative incarnations espied.

Occasionally I will add-in to my own wardrobe either a midnight purple or deep plum item but it's usually more the exception than the rule. Even though my bridesmaid's dresses were very tailored Lanz of Salzburg ballet length evening frocks rendered in a midnight purple fabrication whose black undertones wonderfully caught all the illuminating candlelit atmosphere of our evening wedding, I'm not typically a person who is drawn towards purpled hues.

But I may change my mind about this... after seeing it done so well in Melbourne...


  1. Loved this peek of Melbourne city style. Melbourne has a rep for being uber stylish compared to Sydney (though Sydneysiders are pretty gorgeous as well). One day I hope I can visit too!

  2. great posts on Australia. as usual, you do a fabulous job of describing your travels.

  3. Thanks V! :) I didn't know that about Melbourne as compared to Sydney...but I have noticed over the years how stylish Melbournians are in their city. Always inspirational to me.

    And in my (recently-gained) opinion, paralleling Paris quite a bit which is really neat to see. On the other hand, Manhattan has gone so obviously-designer-label-mad-n'-too-Sex-&-the-City-quirky over the last few years that it's been almost comic at times to spot all the fashion-foibles occurring down 5th Avenue, amid Greenwich n' SOHO neighborhoods and within the meat packing district. I just loved it when we had a crash-pad in Kew Gardens and would bum around NYC a lot...miss that now that James' domiscile has changed. But hopefully maybe NYC lately is trending similar to Melbourne and so forth...

    Wouldn't it be NEAT if, the next time I'm in Australia, you're there too? We'd definitely hafta' meet-up and have you visit ole' Melbourne!

    Best, Lachlan

  4. Thanks Elizabeth! :) I appreciate that and am so glad that you enjoy them. When I first started out as a columnist over a decade ago now (wow, how time flies), I read somewhere about how when one writes a column [or a blog too it seems], the reader should be able to take away a feeling of satisfaction, a good thoughtful question or a new idea to ponder and/or I try to keep that in my mind as I type away...

    My next trip on the horizon is for a fly fishing time with James up north later on this month so I may blog post about my new waders actually, lol. They are my first pair of waders made for women since previously for oh, 15 years...I wore Orvis men's small waders and boots. Fly fishing's, "come a long way baby!" haha

    Best, Lachlan