Thursday, April 29, 2010

20 Years Later... Queens is still a Preppy Campus

Pretty Preppies all lined up for our Class of 1990 photo for the 20th Reunion Weekend
The ole' Chi-O Gazebo... out near our college's chapel complete with blooming azalea bushes

The front circle of Queens College, er Queens University now...

The back circle with our library and one of the dorms next to it

Wallace Dorm, my literal home-away-from-home for 3 years in a 3rd Floor corner room

Standing outside of the Chi Omega cottage, I felt like I was waiting for another meeting to begin in there

Bummin' around with two of my very-favorite ole' sisters n' friends, Julie and Allison

Enjoying the ole' Selwyn Avenue Pub's outdoor firepit area with Allison and Wendi

The BEST laugh of the evening was looking over our yearbook with Derek, Julie and Jenkie: note the cover with its all-girls' logo design and then, at the very bottom below Jenkie's hand, the one boy- love it!

Just back from my 20th College Reunion... and like me, ole' Queens College is still "Preppy".

I wasn't sure actually if it would be that way after what once was a southern all-girls' school, um southern women's college, went co-ed my junior year. Our slumber party atmosphere rapidly dissipated but as the days passed by, we all adjusted to having both girls AND boys on the campus and actually, it turned out quite well.

Situated in the heart of elegant Myers Park, Queens has now become a university but my class will always still call it QC, Queens College. The buildings and grounds are perhaps at their loveliest we've ever seen them. Everyone commented on this as we toured around this small jewel of a campus. My old dorm Wallace has been completely renovated on the outside in the kind of red brick & white column southern neo-classicism styling prevalent with small private schools all over the south.

Greek Row was also a lot of fun to saunter down with our tiny white cottages still there, all lined along the drive. Our class scattered into the various sororities' spots during the open house hours and it was neat to reminisce about all of our times spent there with our "sisters". All of the sororities are still there from my day: Alpha Delta Phi, Chi Omega, Kappa Delta and Phi Mu. From the above picture, it's pretty easy to figure out that I pledged Chi Omega...

A bunch of us hit the campus bookstore after our touring around and I espied a tee shirt that I HAD to have- too hilarious! It seems that our college now has a Lacrosse Team with a t-shirt to prove it. After I purchased this, to probably wear while I'm out kayaking n' such, I happened to see two students crossing by a dorm all kitted-out in athletic clothing carrying their crosse sticks so that was fun to witness the actuality of...

Like so many college campuses, most of the students around were super-casually dressed however, every once in a while during our reunion, I'd see what I call, "a really cute girl" wearing something smart-casual preppy. In fact, our petite tour-guide was a recently graduated student who is a cousin of one of our sorority sisters and she too was wearing a darling outfit with coordinating accessories and tailored jewelry. Yes, good, good...

As usual for my class, we were prim n' preppy by day and then happily partying by night. After the formal reunion was over, we all met back up at our local hang-out, The Selwyn Avenue Pub. Just as the Brat Pack of the late 1980's had their "St. Elmo's Fire", we had "the Selwyn pub" and enjoyed it tremendously. In fact, we still enjoy it tremendously and had such a fun time that evening chatting, eating, drinking and laughing away.

It was hard to believe that we were gathering for our college twentieth but as the weekend moved along, at times it truly did seem just-yesterday we were all young collegians.


  1. Love Queens.....and the Selwyn Pub! In 1990...your Senior year, I was living in Myers Park as a newlywed and just loving it....I miss the "old Charlotte" in many ways....

  2. Oh yes... I agree and do miss that too... the old Charlotte pre-Bank of America expansionism was charming and very small-townish feeling wasn't it? My husband's a "native Charlottean" and laments much of what was lost when Charlotte began its race (that it hasn't quite finished yet) to be the-next-Atlanta or close to it.

    I miss being able to drive right on up to Southpark Mall, haha, rather than deal with alla' these parking decks now ;)

    SO neat that you were in the neighborhood when I was as well- such a small world!

    Occassionally James queries about us moving back to Charlotte but I've now become between living here and in Park City, UT) quite the "small resort town girl" and have no desire to return to any metro type of area however nice it may be...but I do love going back to ole' Charlotte to visit my in-laws and friends :)

  3. What fun! So glad you had a great time. Hope you're weekend is just as fab!

  4. Twenty years is next year for this Connie! Wish you had followed in your family's footsteps... we would have been friends, I know it!

  5. Thanks so much! :) Already this weekend's wonderful: today I worked from 6:30 to 10:00 a.m. but then got a massage and after that, headed straight to the beach until coming back in for dinner and some sci-fi watchin' with a friend... Tomorrow I am modeling dresses in a fashion show, fun!

    Hope you have a great weekend too :) Best, Lachlan

  6. Oh I know, yes yes, that we would have been good friends at Converse for sure :) I can't wait to hear stories/see photos from your 20th Reunion next year, fun!

  7. I know this is a little delayed, but as I was searching Google for all things Chi Omega in preparation for Bid Day 2011 I came across your page! I was so excited to see a fellow Chi Omega from Queens! We must have met during the reunion (I was in the house the whole time).I can not speak for all on the Queens Campus but I assure you the Chi Omega Theta Gamma chapter is keeping to the preppy look on most occasions :)

    Hopefully soon you will be able to return again to Queens and see what we are "cooking up" for Greek Life as renovations are taking over!

  8. Oh what-fun! :) SO thrilled to see your post and that's neat we were in the same place that weekend.... yea, Theta Gamma girls!

    Please keep me posted as to the renno-going-on and all the best from here, Lachlan