Wednesday, April 21, 2010

20 Years Later... returning to college for a reunion

Greek Seniors on bid night.... I'm the one havin' fun in the second row, fourth from the right
James and I enjoying the Casino Party during my senior year at college...

Our 10th College Reunion group...guess-who's laughing away in the hat???

My, oh my does the time fly by! This weekend I'm heading to North Carolina for my 20th College Reunion...

Have literally two whole decades passed by since I was lugging text books around, going to sorority mixers, eating cafeteria food and alla' that collegiate stuff? Wow.

For my undergrad schooling, I went to a small liberal arts college called Queens College which was, until our junior year, one of those southern "all girls schools". Being from a family where I was the only-girl including all of my cousins, I was sooo excited to be surrounded for once by females. It was like a big slumber party every day especially after I rushed and was part of a sorority, Chi Omega. I loved my college years and look back on them fondly. Now Queens is labeled a "University" but for me, it'll always be a cozy-college nonetheless.

Cramming-in two majors within four years was a bit stressful but after I finished-up History, it was like heck, I'm heading into my junior year and certainly could add the additional degree of Political Science into my course load. I spent a literal ton of time in our ole' library and also spent many weekends working through assignments and projects but enjoyed it. Yes, I'm a study-geek and still am... with the master's down now finally and the phd hopefully left to go... And all the clubs n' organizations I was involved in were great as well: Judicial Board, Phi Alpha Theta, The Learning Society, Mortar Board, etc. Lotsa' fun!

And of course meeting my-James at Queens was nothing less than fantastic! :)

Our college was quite-Preppy indeed for the most part. I dressed-up every day for class even if a few of my fellow students didn't. A strand of pearls, charm bracelet, stacked gold bangle bracelets, diamond stud earrings, family crest ring...these were daily-wear for many of us as well as of course various outfits from places like Talbots and L.L.Bean. Handbags were Coach and book bags were Vera Bradley. I really didn't wear a whole lot of my sorority's colors n' letters on a daily basis but that didn't mean that I wasn't all into it... I owned a total of one, yes one, pair of jeans while in college and espying me in tennis shoes meant that either I was jogging around campus or getting ready to practice for a soccer game when I was on the team for awhile. The BEST were all of our formals, casino nights, holiday galas when we really dressed to the nines. Taffeta, velvet, silk galore'!

In fact, tonight I'm packing-up for this coming weekend and mostly it's dressy-casual Preppywear going into my suitcase because I'm returning to ole' Queens but of course and am also still very much...a Prep ;) I can't wait to see fellow classmates and have fun together reminiscing and catching-up with one another. We had a really great class who all seemed to get along fairly well with one another and I especially liked that the different sororities and non-Greeks alike hung out together. In fact, all of my roommates were from a sorority different than mine. Pretty diverse for Preppies don't ya' think?
Believe it or not, I was a rebel in college! Shocked? Oh yes indeed... I rebelled big-time by going to Queens instead of Converse College where I would have been following in the footsteps of my grandmother, great aunt and mother. I may be Preppy and love tradition but I still do, to some degree, march to the beat of my own drummer when it comes to life choices. I'm so glad that Queens chose me and that I chose Queens.


  1. Lachlan....Queens is so pretty! When we lived in Charlotte, we lived right up the road, just off Selwyn. In high school I thought about going there for college, but went to Agnes Scott College in Atlanta. I, too, broke family tradition...My mother (Class of 1944) and her sister (Class of 1947 or 48) both went to Converse!

  2. Sounds like so much fun! Hope you have a fabulous weekend and safe travel.


  3. Hey there! That's funny about the both of us breaking family-college-traditions ;)

    So much was already-determined for me within my life by my family that I really wished for something/some major experience to be "of my own" and so hence Queens... and I was surprised that they accepted this actually. But I threw-in an influencer: I was for several years part of the summer staff up at a rustic northwoods camp after being a longtime camper there and they had a program inbetween highschool and college where you could work and study up there. Mother really didn't want me to do that so I think me loving one of the colleges visited during a college tour and saying, "hey, this is my first pick" had her breathing a sigh of relief ;)

  4. Thanks Jen! A bunch of us are on Facebook and have been chatting-away about college times and sharing old photos there for some months now so it feels neat to finally be able to see these gals in-person this weekend after 10 years (or more) of not being around them :)

  5. I too, broke tradition... by GOING to Converse! My mother and grandmother both went to St. Mary's in Raleigh. I love, love, loved going to an all girls college. I don't know whether or not I have shared this post, but my CONNIES and I get together every year for a long weekend. Read... you will completely understand!

    Have a ball at your reunion! We can't wait to hear all the fun you and your friends will have.

    Oh... and your forgot to mention wearing your boyfriend's old cut off Duck Heads and Laura Ashley drop-waist dresses and bubbles!

  6. AWWWW I wish I could have gone to the reunion. I ran a half-marathon instead...but I think the reunion would have been a million times funner. I would have loved to see you and my other classmates. I loved Queens for all it's intimate, close-knit charm... you used the word cozy, which is a perfect word to describe it. I hope you had a great time.

  7. Hi Elizabeth! We missed-you and hope that you can make it to the big 25th when we're going to open up our class time capsule... It was so much fun!! I'm going to try to get a post up about it soon but this work week (and upcoming work weekend) has been full-on, wheh.

    Congratulations o the half-marathon, WOW! I'm so excited for you and very impressed...awesome!

  8. Hey bevy! Oh yes, those old-school Laura Ashley dresses....gotta' mention those for sure, thanks :)

    That's funny that you broke-tradition the other way 'round.... ;)