Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Pink n' Green for 2010

Easter is probably my very favorite holiday for several reasons... this year we were really-casual with Easter but it was still so special. James was home for it, Dad was able to go with us to church again after several months of not attending due to his health condition and we shared a meal with several of our very close friends who are "family" here where we live. Worship at our church was incredibly inspiring and the reason-for-the-season always is such a joy to me personally.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter as well! Thought I'd share this picture of James and I taken in our yard just before he, Dad and I left for church since this year my Easter dress was iconically-Preppy to the max: color-blocked pink and green with a bow-tied waist! The minute I espied it at Belk, it was like, "that's mine!" haha And so it was....


  1. Oh... I was decked in pink and green too! And I promise it was quite by accident... I just saw the dress in the store and thought it was cute!

  2. SO me-too :) I love pink and green but not necessarily on me much but this dress was like, "I'm your Easter dress" and so it was ;)

    Hope you had a wonderful day too and I know you looked absolutely great in your pink n' green!

    Best, Lachlan