Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy... a wonderful blog award!

It's always wonderful to be recognized by the blogging community but especially by another fellow Preppy Blogger... thank you so much to The Classic Preppy for awarding me this today!

Here is my 10 Things That Make Me Happy Listing to go along with this award:

1.) My spiritual journeying with Christ and the amazing church n' Christian community James, Dad and I truly enjoy being a part of here.

2.) My immediate and extended family- southern sprawl all the way down to Australia and everyone's always a lot of fun to be around. And our pets, furry "children" included in this....

3.) Husband James who truly IS my best friend n' buddy and all the great times we've had in 21 years of hanging around one another/19 years of marriage and in the years to come.

4.) Friends who are more like-family and the "sisters" that I never had plus my "younger brother" Fletcher as well. I'm so fortunate to have this group of amazing folks by my side.

5.) Being outdoors but especially always the hours spent fly fishing, gardening and at our beach!

6.) Traveling: anywhere, anytime, any how...

7.) Southern delicies like sweet tea, divinity, deviled eggs, pound cake, pecan-anything n' such.

8.) Baking-away in the kitchen here while watching the marsh waters ebb n' flow outside the kitchen windows

9.) Jewelry... I'll admit it! I love to sparkle or pearl-glow and never get tired of looking at new designs as well as antique pieces. Take me to Breakfast at Tiffany's, or Cartier', anyday!

10.) Good Haiku and Tanka poetry.

To save time tonight (which I have precious few minutes of this particular evening), I'll pass this blog award on to the blogs highlighted on my Blog Favorites listing in my blog's sidebar here... you all make me happy too when I read your great postings. Always interesting, inspiring and at times, quite intriguing as well- thank you sincerely!

Best to everyone out there who blogs-away and creates a fascinating virtual-world for all of us to happily delve into... Lachlan


  1. You have a lovely list... and I loved the divinity my Grand-Margaret made for me when I was a little girl. Thanks for that memory of her!

    And thanks for awarding me too! xox

  2. You're welcome bevy :)

    Ah, divinity...and homemade, oh, that's THE BEST isn't it?! Neat to hear about that with your childhood- wonderful...

    Best, Lachlan