Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Greetings to you all and some fun reminiscing...

At a very early age, I was enjoying Easter celebrating - Savannah 1970's

One year that we went "Mod Squad" for Easter but I still had on Lacoste

I remember when we had this formal photo taken for Easter one year...

My younger brother's like, "leave me and the Easter Bunny toy alone!!!

One of my mother's Easter celebration displays in the breakfast room of one of our houses in Georgia .... Southern Preppies do love themes!

Happy Easter to you all! Throughout the years, this has always been a very meaningful celebration for our family within both the Episcopal and Scotch Presbyterian church traditions. My late mother LOVED Easter and went all-out with it from our outfits to an Easter Tree and Egg Hunt to the church service and a huge meal afterwards shared with friends and family.

I seem to run across more old Easter photos of us-children here around the house than any other photo snap shots from our past. Almost all of them are formal and have us very Prep-traditional attired but I did run across one that's hilarious! I call it the, "Easter Mod Squad" photo! Mother and my younger brother are in the usual Southern Preppy togs but I'm sportin' an Izod jersey dress and my older brother is totally 1970'd-out in his plaid flair pants and striped shirt! Maybe that was the year Mother let us dress ourselves???

Here at our church, I so very much enjoy seeing all of the children in their Easter outfits and seeing them trying to sit-still in our sanctuary after no doubt an early morning that involved eating just a few (yeah right) of the sweets from their Easter Baskets. We have a truly wonderful local chocolate shop here in town that does all of its own chocolate items and is an absolute joy to drop by but of course. I love The Chocolate Tree and get James, Dad and my Easter treats there each year. My mother always used to fix up incredible Easter Baskets and I've included an old photo that had, "Easter 1971 Overlook Avenue" written on the back of it in her handwriting so that would be from our time living in Macon, Georgia. I wish that the image was better, but you can see what was one of her Easter Egg Trees and obviously my older brother and my baskets plus perhaps the two chocolate eggs sitting out there could have been for my parents.

I miss getting a flower to wear each year for Easter Sunday Service like we used to do but time has moved itself along and things like those sweet small floral corsages, white gloves and hats and my mother's Easter baskets are now things existing within cherished memories. However, the incredible reason-for-the-season is of course still the most important aspect about celebrating Easter and I'm looking forward to tomorrow... as I do every year... anticipating the arrival of Easter morning.

Happy Easter again everyone and wishing ya'll pleasant memories, great present celebrations and future joy from all of us in my household out here on this island!


  1. I too have many similar and fond memories of Easter. Those dresses my sisters and I used to wear! The white gloves, the tiny white patent leather purses, and black patent leather shoes. The egg hunts at church. Such nice memories.

  2. Yes... those white gloves... and I remember wearing them to church quite often along with hats. I miss that in a way and it was neat to see all the hats in church this evening.

    Miss the Easter Egg hunts too since we don't have children and our nieces n' nephews live so far away but I did have Easter Goodies for my-boys on the dining room table today which were fun: those German papermache' eggs, oversized and stuffed with "grass" and Easter chocolates :)