Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Preppy Go-to-Hell Look... a great-read article!

Summer 2010 "'Go-to-Hell' Preppy Pants" available from Bermuda Styles

I just ran across this fascinating cultural history article about Preppy Menswear tonight and know that it would be perfect for my blog readers' enjoyment as well: "Damned Dapper: The Preppy "Go-to-Hell" Look" by Christian Chensvoid, Style Writer for the Huffington Post; Posted April 1st, 2010.

I really enjoyed not only the information presented but the author's style of writing as well. Am hoping that more articles of this nature pop up within the Huffington Post's Style Section which is something I check out every now and then. Now if only I could get James into some great Madras Preppy Pants this summer! I doubt however that he'd wear the pants featured above in the photo- it takes a special kinda' "Go to..." attitude to sport these no doubt!


  1. Oh wouldn't it be divine for our James' to wear those pants? My James would tell me to "go to hell" if I even asked! (hee hee).

    Hope you've recovered from your Paris trip and are looking forward to a wonderful Easter weekend.


  2. My husband has many Go-to-Hell pants: See this post!

  3. Hi Jen! Heh, heh...yeah, I think our-two-Jameses would die a thousand deaths before being willing to wear these eh? haha

    Thanks so much and I've almost-recovered from the trip. We got "stuck" (due to the British Airways goings-on) trying to get out of the airport for two days and so hopped a train to go up to Amsterdam to fly out of there early the next morning...crazy fun but 3 travel-stressing days wore me down a bit at the end of this trip.

    I'm going to rest after this Easter Sunday ;) Have a great weekend too & all the best from here, Lachlan

  4. Hi Bevy and those are THE BEST ever Go-To-Hell pants!!!

    Where, oh where did he get the awesome Christmas Mermaids? They'd be perfect for out here on the island and maybe I could get James to agree to wear them once for a picture... it'd be worth it :) I was a mermaid for my 40th Birthday celebration's Halloween Costume Party and he was a fisherman.

    Thanks for sharing this link and again, those hands-down are the best version of these pants I've seen- love 'em! Best, Lachlan