Friday, October 22, 2010

Postcards from Hawaii...part four: Pearls On, Yep, It's a Prep!

Walking around the beach on O'ahu wearing pearls it occurred to me...
...that it's never too late to begin my training as a pearl diver!

Aloha from Hawaii!

Out here in Hawaii there's pearl divers, lots of pearls in jewelry stores and one Preppy wearing her pearls to fish in...but of course....

...and to snorkel in and to Luau in though those were my black Tahitian ones (for a change).

It's all too-tempting to go pearl-buying-crazy out here in Hawaii. Not only is there a wide assortment of sizes, colors, styles and styling but the profusion of pearls actually within the stores is a Preppy's delight!

One of the more unique and fresh stylings I've seen out here is the setting of a large pearl through a sterling silver or gold wire bangle bracelet. The precious metal wire is thin but sturdy and this creates such a cleanly modern look so unlike the typical pearl bracelet we're used to seeing. Hoop style earrings are also set this way as well.

Pearls can be worn with literally anything, anytime and in any styling...just gotta' love 'em!

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