Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Lowcountry Preppy's Duality... where Southern Belle meets Outdoorswoman

Southern Lowcountry Preppy-Belles fly fish.....
...and they hunt during deer season...

...and they can dish up the peach cobbler as well...
Talk about stylishly "putting food on the table" eh?!

A Lowcountry Preppy female is part sweet Southern Belle and part stalwart Outdoorswoman. This duality coexists much like the male version of what is a Lowcountry Preppy as described in a previous post titled, "Dixie-Fried Guys: Male Preppies Southern Style" (January 2010).

For us Lowcountry Preppy females, we bake, grow flowers, don ballgowns to dance the waltz in and enjoy doing needlework as much as we fly fish, hunt and tromp through the woods on any given day. Wearing our pearls while wearing Mossy Oak camo or Orvis waders is as natural as wearing our pearls with Lilly Pulitzer sundresses and Talbots separates. To us, pearls aren't seasonal or style-specific as also...our lives and interests are year-round and overlap as well.

Whether we're bringing home the bacon (or venison), busy cooking it or, as is usual these days, finding ourselves doing both...Lowcountry Preppy-Belles like living with a dash of style and a good ole' dollop of humor. Hence the wearin' of pearls 24/7 even when out fishing and hunting.

Most of the time our pearls are tucked underneath layers of sturdy outdoors clothing while we're out in the woods or making our way up a river much like how we can put the feminine-graces firmly underneath pragmatic and super practical outlooks whenever that's more appropriate. No cute squeals please or flirting and batting of the eyes when we're busy landing a fish or sighting a deer...just get down to business ladies. Southern men understand this duality and cherish it within their female counterparts while Non-Southern guys seem at first completely amazed by this and then quite entranced. As it is with our Southern males who can be uber-masculine while at the same time effuse over antiques and have a sideline hobby of cultivating roses, Preppy-Belles can be an interesting combination of being both feminine and downright sporty.

It's a "Southern thing" I guess and no better displayed than by Lowcountry Southern Preppies.