Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tropical Tourist's all in the details but of course.

Tropical Preppy in a Hawaiian resort's parking to look the look

In the spirit of those wonderfully illustrated pages of our beloved The Official Preppy Handbook where Prep attire is sketched-out in detail as to what all they're wearing and why....'s a detailed sketch out of a "Tropical Tourist Preppy" or How To Travel Hawaiian Style Without Looking Too Too Tacky-Tourist.

In the above sketch photo, the following are important details for being Tropical Tourist Preppy:

  • The Luggage set is Hartmann tweed, but of course.

  • The handbag is both stylish and practical with it being a black Kate Spade backpack.

  • Sweater Twin Set has gone tropical in a light cotton sleeveless shell with the cardigan tied at the shoulders. It is in a neutral tone to better wardrobe-Preppily with the silk pants.

  • Silk pants are classic Talbots heavy silk, lined and in an elegant tropical print with a black background. There are tropical prints and then there are tropical prints. Choose carefully.

  • The black leather sandals are older Bandalino versions with a subtle gold-hardware touch to them rendered in a simple circle where the straps meet. By day, these flat sandals work well and by night, a perfectly turned out Preppy would have them in a higher heel look.

  • Jewelry is kept to an elegantly simple white pearl 16" necklace and 8 mm stud earrings. Wedding rings are kept on 24/7... natch... while watches are left back home: when in the tropics, one can ask the poolside waiters serving Mai Tais what the time is if need be.

  • Sunglasses: the more old-style movie-star classic the better. No bling here please...

  • Hair and nails always neat: when snorkeling or sailing, a ponytail or under-a-hat will do too. If hair is a mess, hopefully it is because one has just caught a fish offshore.

  • A simple tropical flower behind the ear is appropriate for this setting but leave the leis to luaus, the cornrow braids in the hair to goofy teenagers and tattoos... completely alone!

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