Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Preppy's Halloween...

Out on the island a few years ago... my 40th Birthday Halloween Shindig!
Our old-girl Duchess wasn't too sure about all the decorations and costumed party-goers but she eventually got into the spirit as she was a people-person, er people-doberman. I really miss her....she put up with us for 13 years...such a sweet girl.

Some Preppy-Fellas love to dress up n' party n' submit to picture-taking and some...don't, haha. Wylly and Don III, aka Zorro, are all smiles but Fletcher's not having any of this photo snapping it seems.

And Preppy-couples coordinate their costumes but of in fun Super Hero style ;)

Happy Halloween coming up this weekend to everyone!

I hope that you all enjoy the festivities and sport some excellent costuming throughout... what was once primarily a kiddie candy activity has definitely morphed on into one of the biggest times us-adults can dress up however we want and get away with it. I've always enjoyed the party nature of this holiday since both myself and my father are Halloween-babies having our birthdays on and just before October 31st.

Here in the South Carolina Lowcountry, I have enjoyed as well a couple of parties we've had celebrating Halloween and our birthdays. My father gets a kick out of dressing up as "The No-count Count" in his old highschool era black tuxedo he still fits into plus a funny top hat, black cape, long scarf and one of the many walking sticks we have around here- usually the gold-topped one of my great-great-Grandfather's. I've dressed up a time or two as a Japanese woman complete with black bobbed wig, white makeup and a beautiful old kimono handed down from my mother's family. I also dressed up as a Mermaid Princess for the 40th Birthday Party we had for me a couple of years ago which was a blast. Husband James was a "Fly Fisherman" sporting his usual flyfishing gear and how Preppy is that? Didn't hafta' do a thing but go downstairs into our house's lattice room out here on the island and gather some of the gear he wears around anyway quite often... hmm, do male Preppies costume-up in essence more than female Preppies? This may be something to mull about in a future blog post on down the road...

This year Dad'll recreate his No-count Count persona and I'm going to be a "Spider Princess" for the Charity Fundraiser Party we're attending here in town with a few of our fun-bunch friends. Beforehand, they're coming over to our cottage for a casual supper party I'm throwing in honor of my father's 70th Birthday! Lotsa' fun and I'll post some pics of that soon.
(For another fun Halloween laugh, check out last year's post titled, "Halloween Costuming...Preppy Style" which I posted to this blog on Saturday, October 17th, 2009. It's a listing of what are Preppy costumes and what aren't... written in a tongue-in-cheek fashion ;)

Enjoy Halloween this weekend and all the costuming, partying and candy eating it brings about!

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