Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Mentor From Afar

For over two decades now I have been collecting, reading and re-reading the works of Alexandra Stoddard. Her design ideas, personal philosophy, gracious lifestyle, gentle focus on family and friends plus her career both as a designer and writer...all quite inspiring! I was able to personally meet her when she was the main speaker at one of our Junior League of Charlotte monthly meetings many years ago.

I recommend her books for anyone who enjoys cultivating an elegantly-preppy lifestyle and desires ideas, inspiration and affirmation along their own journeying...
“All forms of self expression are linked.” -Alexandra Stoddard


  1. I constantly read all of Alexandra Stoddard's books as well.

  2. They are great aren't they? I always get something out of a reread that's so applicable to living thoughtfully and well...

    And I really enjoy the books that reference Stoddard's Stonington Village cottage- I could move right in :)