Monday, July 13, 2009

Preppy is... Southern Preppy is...

Preppy is: plenty of pink and green
Southern Preppy is: oodles of pink and green Lilly Pulitzer patterns

Preppy is: Bitsy and Chip
Southern Preppy is: Anna-Kate and Buddy

Preppy is: Princeton and most Ivy League institutions
Southern Preppy is: Ole Miss, University of Virginia, Sewanee and any all-girl's school

Preppy is: hunting dogs
Southern Preppy is: hunting dogs named after Confederate generals

Preppy is: Madras and Seersucker in the summer
Southern Preppy is: wearing these almost year-round in the lower coastal south

Preppy is: using Florida as a gateway to the Keys and other tropical destinations
Southern Preppy is: denying that Florida is southern at all

Preppy is: bar glassware with mallard duck motifs
Southern Preppy is: Tervis Tumblers for the porch, boat and the beach

Preppy is: silver flatwear, serving trays and so forth
Southern Preppy is: the above plus old silver flatwear turned into bracelets, rings and keychains

Preppy is: an uncle who works on Wall Street, lives in Connecticut and summers in the Hamptons
Southern Preppy is: an uncle whose office is unknown but who can be found boating on the back river almost 24/7 and who never feels the need to summer or vacation anywhere at all

Preppy is: living in the nicest areas of Manhattan pre-children necessitating a move to Connecticut
Southern Preppy is: flying up to Manhattan to stay in the Waldorf Astoria's Junior League rooms while taking in a play and the opera

Preppy is: a station wagon, sedan or SUV of the appropriate brand
Southern Preppy is: an old, much-loved green n' tan truck that's seen better days

Preppy is: knowing about your ancestors
Southern Preppy is: literal ancestor-worship

Preppy is: Mummy and Daddy
Southern Preppy is: Mother or Mama and Daddy

Preppy is: There are certain sports to watch on television
Southern Preppy is: What's there to watch beside southern college football?

and so forth and so on...


  1. Ha! Loved this. I have tried to explain to the folks in Australia that although Florida is as southern as you get geographically in the U.S., it's not considered "The South"! And try as I might, it's hard to call anyone "mummy," even here. It's mama and always will be!

  2. Yes- absolutely! So glad that you liked this and your comment post had me thinking back to when we had our-Aussies here this past Christmas plus another family that are friends of their's from Melbourne as well who had never experienced the "deep south". It was fun to introduce them to all-things-southern aka the non-Hollywoodized realities of southern culture and they loved it :) We joked that The Dukes of Hazzard and so forth parallels their Kath and Kim as to being gross exaggerations of what is the true reality.

    Speaking of Kath & Kim- I've been to the mall they film scenes in since it's just a few minuntes away from my brother's house in Blackrock and some of the settings of that sitcom I recognize as places I've seen in Melbourne- what fun! The US-version of Kath & Kim is such a dud so I never watch it but the original is a hoot.

    I love to laugh and to get a good laugh at cultural quirks n' metaphors ;)

  3. I forget every year that there are football conferences other than the SEC until an SEC team has to destroy one of them in the national championship.

    Preppy: a patronizing adjective
    Southern Preppy: a compliment almost on par with being called a true lady or gentleman.

    Great post!

  4. Thanks Ryan! And I like your addition as well :)

  5. Just discovered your blog by googling something! And then I saw I'm on your blog roll! :)

  6. Hey "Tickled Pink and Green" :) I'm so glad that you ran across my blog and I really enjoy your's...

    Happy Preppying to you!

    Best, Lachlan