Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sperry, Top-Sider that is, Soliloquy

Ahh.... Sperry Top-Siders! They have been a part of my life n' lifestyle long before The Official Preppy Handbook was published in 1980. Coming from a family where a passion for sailing existed on both sides, Top-Siders were part n' parcle of casual outfits, bumming around the water and being cast-off onto wooden porches like some still-life vignette featuring all-things-lowcountry-southern.

I wore them as a child, teenager, collegian and continue to wear them now as both fashion and function. Sailing with my parents, aunts n' uncles and cousins plus taking some sailing lessons myself that were formal lessons and not just scurrying around family boats, my various Top-Siders sure came in handy for messing about in boats. I also still love to wear them as a fashion statement though being so "islander" now, my favorites are the sandal versions.

In the above picture that I took this afternoon, my 10 year old Sperry flip-flops are still holding up well and so very,very comfortable. I keep these right by the door and constantly slip my feet in and out of them throughout the day. Between these and my English gardening clogs, I'm pretty well covered for days of lolling around the island here whenever I need to be more than simply barefoot of course.

Currently in my closet are the following Sperrys: The brown leather flip-flops, the pink thong leather sandals that are featured up at the top left of this blog in the "Summer Finds" section, a light taupe leather pair of slip-on mules and the traditional Top-Siders that lace up which are a combination of light brown leather and canvas.

This is nothing compared to the masses I had in junior high and highschool but I won't even begin to list them here... at summer camp each year, I had a pair of Top-Siders and an Izod polo shirt for each day of the week for several weeks- no joke. Of course it goes without saying that I didn't pack-light at all each year I headed up to the northern woods for summer camp.

Sperry Top-Siders are wonderful for boating, bumming around and literally...f.o.r.e.v.e.r.....

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