Sunday, July 12, 2009

White Dresses- 8th Grade Graduation

Recently I ran across a box of pictures in storage that I had so much fun looking through and while perusing through these, I realized that for many of my life's special occassions, I have worn a white dress. I know that in childhood I certainly sported many white dresses from baby dresses to my christening gown to Easter outfits but these were pictures of the following:

8th Grade Graduation where I was wearing a Gunne Sax dress- all the rage that year ;)

Sweet Sixteen Party where it was an all flat-lace sheath style that I still think was so elegant.

The Savannah and the Milwaukee Debutante Cotillions where the lace was kept to being just the sleeves of an otherwise very tailored a-line silouette ballgown.

The Wedding where I went totally Viennese-Ballgown with lace, silk rosettes, and pearls galore'.

So here's starting with the 8th Grade Graduation photo taken in our backyard in 1982. Note the pearls, pinkie signet ring, ribbon sash and Princess Di haircut...Prep-a-rama to the core!

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  1. cool! i love preppy style and I've just grown up with it. there are some preppy posts on my blog too. check it out if you would like.