Friday, February 11, 2011

And Speaking of "Following"'s what I follow

Woman at Computer...blogging and following blogs: a PostModern portrait

Speaking of "Following" blogs...

On my blog's sidebar area, the blogs which I follow and check-in on from time to time and...occasionally post comments here n' there to... are listed under the My Blog Favorites section. (These are listed quite randomly, in no particular order and they all are definitely "favorites" :)

After perusing through tons and tons of the blogs existing out there which are related to Preppy, Southern Preppy, Aesthetics, Lifestyling, Gardening, Literature n' Art n' Fashion n' Culture-in-general and other such categories as these, I made a decision to continually fine-tune edit down to what were the most (to me personally and perhaps to my blog's readers as well) interesting, edifying, positive-toned, better-written and fairly frequently written-posted as well as having a touch of information/history/personal expression coming through about the author themselves but definitely not in any way being waaay-too-much-information if you know what I mean like how those tell all, show all blogs out there can (embarrassingly Jerry-Springer-like) be....and so I continue to be somewhat choosy as to what I read and as to what I recommend others checking into...

What's really great is when close friends of mine begin to set up and write their own blogs- how very exciting!

Here's one that's just out of the starting gates this week:

I am all-for gardening inspiration and information as anyone knows who has followed my blog along as I post here n' there about what's blooming out n'about on this island. My girlfriend's blog is about such things as well as including topics relating to Homesteading, Community Cooperatives, Art and such...really really neat and I hope that we all can both encourage and enjoy her blogging.
(The above graphic art image is credited to Wikimedia Commons)
Okay, getting back-out-there into the blogsphere and again, thank you my Followers! Best, Lachlan


  1. I found your post this morning stumbling through cyberspace and look forward to perusing your posts. I live in a Northern "preppy" town and sure to find that preppy is universal.

  2. Hi jayne!

    Thanks so much for your reply post and I really hope that you enjoy this blog...your's looks great too :) It's so much fun for alla' us Preppies finding one another within the blog sphere isn't it?

    What fun :) All the best, Lachlan