Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Island Evenings...wintertime, springtime, anytime

On the dock with the dogs... a typical evening on our island...
Jump out the jeep...into the yard and...enjoy the sunset over the water

One of the nicest things about living out here on a quiet island in the Lowcountry is the returning-to-it in the evenings after busy days of work, errands, being out with friends and such....

It takes two bridges and driving across another island to reach our tiny two-laned bridge and cross over onto this island. Some folks "in town" think that we're soooo far out here but honestly, the about 15 to 20 minute drive it takes me to get home from town is far less driving time than it used to take me to drive across Charlotte, NC for some errand or other activity when we lived there.

From the bridge, our small locals-marina and a few docks can be seen in the midst of the shaggy fringe of trees which rims the island. Wonderfully wooded and completely residential, this place is such a refuge from the condo-resort-cafe-convenience store-golfing commercialized islands that surround us. Our atmosphere and reality is the complete opposite of a Hilton Head, Fripp or Kiawah. All islands are nice but of course; we're just the pear it seems in the midst of a lotta' apples n' oranges out there.

Our typical evenings out here are different as well. Many are the impromptu dock parties, marsh side firepit gatherings and community oyster roasts: thrown together in an utterly simple way, they are a far cry from catered events and gourmet deli proferrings. But for me, best of all are the quiet evenings...

Standing out by the marsh in our yard watching the sun set and the tide come in is so like a spa-moment of relaxing "ahhh" after just driving up from a busy day in town. Tonight I snapped the picture above minutes after stepping out of our jeep. The colors of the sunset weren't really quite captured within this picture but I can attempt to describe the wondrous rose and lavender hues streaked with an oranged-pink overlaying undertones of slate blue: so stunning!

Another favorite evening "just doing nothing around the island" is when James and I take our dog Kanon over to the beach here. Many times we walk by one of our friends' houses and pick up their dog, Kanon's good buddy Cotton to join us as well as her owners if they're in the mood for a jaunt down the long dock and then out onto the beach. The first photo here on this post is one such evening recently that we enjoyed together.

Later this winter-into-spring, Kanon and I (and sometimes James as well) will be enjoying evenings weeding and watering our kitchen and herb garden beds by the marsh. As long as the sea breezes lightly blow keeping those pesky no-see-ums gnats at bay, getting around to some garden chores as the sun begins to set will be quite pleasurable as always.

Cross over the bridge, hop out of the car and....there's ever the island-evening-ahead....


  1. Oh it all sounds so wonderfully relaxing, serene, peaceful and southern...I am jealous! Love long lazy late in the day walks, and your typcial evenings are envy provoking! Sounds like a wonderful lifestyle.....thank you for sharing it.

  2. Thank you so much enchanted home :) We're out on five acres here and down from the road so it's really quiet and private. It's funny but when we fond this place, we hadn't even seen the house and as we were going down the gravel drive, we thought, "yes, this is it!"

    The house is just a plain, boring second-home type of design n' construction and my husband talks all the time about completely tearing it down and starting over with a much nicer house. I like the ultra-simple living though I agree that years down the road, it could be re-modeled a bit and refreshed.

    It's the land/marsh/sea and privacy bordered by woods and a palmetto grove that make this place...

    Best to you as always, Lachlan

  3. Thanks Australiennee Home! Tranquility is just what we were looking for when moving out here...that's a great description for this place.

    I checked out your blog and really enjoyed it :) So neat to see a blogger/blog from Australia and all of your decorating ideas, etc. I always enjoy my trips every-other-year to Melbourne, AU to see my brother n' his family plus alla' our other AU family and friends.

    Best to you, Lachlan