Friday, February 11, 2011

Thank You so very much to my blog's Followers!

The Preppy Islander's Blog Followers are a sophisticated, well-dressed bunch!

WOW... it's wonderful to see now that there's 50 people following this blog :) Thank you so very much to my Followers who've signed-up to follow with me along this journeying of mine into all things Southern Lowcountry Preppy and then some...

I truly appreciate your interest, your post comments and the friendships n' support that my fellow bloggers and I give one other within this virtual realm of blogging.

What started out as a response to my wearing of a Preppy madras skirt to our island's annual Fourth of July Parade has turned into one of the greatest pleasures of my adult life...musing, researching and then writing about what it is to be a Southern Preppy living on a barrier island out here in the South Carolina Lowcountry culture. It has also been such fun to reminisce about my southern upbringing and the socio-cultural parameters which have shaped, and still do shape, my life. As well, I've tried to bring into this blog current Preppy information, fashions, news and musings which relate to our shared "here and now" life experiencing...

Each year as this blog grows and finds its way, I'm trying to post more frequently as well as sequence posts for a general scattering of musings, information and interests which will hopefully keep my Followers and other readers feeling that when they check out this blog every so often, there's always something which they personally can find relatable, enjoyable and amusing to look at and read through.

I am always welcome to your suggestions n' ideas and please do send them in...
Oh, and any time you want to reference this blog within your own blog, add it to your own favorites blog listing and just feel like passing it on to like-minded friends, please feel free to do so: I'm all about sharing all-things Preppy, pretty and positive around within our global blogsphere...

One of the things I can promise you all is that I am not going to commercialize this blog into one with lots of advertising in the sidebar, too many "look what you can buy" posts, constant here's another blogger's convention info link or such things like that. Mine's not consumerism-focused or professional-blogger tooled, it's rather an extension of my creative writing, sharing my very personal life-expression that's going on as well being overall a lot more cultural-creative driven.

Thank you all again and happy blog-reading, blog-posting and blog-writing out there, Lachlan


  1. Great post and how lovely to recognize and thank your are welcome. You really seem like such a nice person and it came through loud and clear in your sincere and well exectued post above. I am most interested and riveted by peoples stories and lives not by the brand they are trying to push or the advertisers vying for our attnetion...we have enough of that in every day life in virtually every realm...coming to "blogworld" is a break from all that and a welcome one at that! So keep doing what you are doing...that is why we come back:)

  2. Thank you so much enchanted home for your sweet comments and appreciation... you express exactly how I hope that my blog comes through to other folks reading it and then hopefully get much enjoyment from it :)

    I feel the same with your blog! It's a wonderful story about your house's progress and the decorating and lifestyle influences that are creating it to be a home in every great sense of the word...super inspiring!

    Best to you as always, Lachlan