Sunday, February 6, 2011

Spring Fashion 2011: Subtle Pleating is Perfectly Preppy

So pretty, so Preppy and so perfectly "pleats for Spring 2011"... Talbots
Pleats at the bodice with a Lilly Pulitzer blouse this spring...

Vineyard Vines offers up this sweet skirt with pleating at the waist

Pleats add to tassles add to white leather for a Brooks Brothers' spring

A pleated tote from Vera Bradley- such subtle pleating indeed... Pleating effects with a bow-cuff bracelet offered by Kate Spade

Amid all of the various Spring 2011 Collection trends n' trinkets sprouting up recently, one of the small but quite potent details I find most pleasing and perfectly fitting into the landscape of All Things Preppy is the subtle pleating defining many items this coming season...

Subtle pleating is pretty, feminine, quietly statementing and perfect for the mostly classic-tailoring so loved and so well-worn by Preppies everywhere.

It's the in-between embellishment that middles absolutely tailored and on the other side of the spectrum, ruffles. I absolutely loved the flat, French-inspired ruffles from last spring's fashion offerings and will certainly keep using the pieces I purchased with that trending last year for years to come since they're romantically classic. As will be with this subtle pleating...

Enjoy adding in this spring's fashion offerings to the wonderful wardrobe I know you all have....


  1. the white tote from BB and the tunic top from LP...all great looks and a sign of spring alas! Cannot wait! !Please stop by my blog, doing a great giveaway for a fabulous french


  2. Hi enchanted home and yes, I think so many of us are sooo ready for spring but especially so with alla' the great fashions on-arrival that's for sure! ;) Hope your Paris trip went truly great and that you found a lot of wonderful things for your new home- what fun to be doing :)

    The chair giveaway sounds neat and I'l certainly drop by plus will check out any photos from Paris you've posted...

    All the best from here, Lachlan