Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gearing-up for Fun n' Festively-Preppy Weddings...

Preppies happily mix work with pleasure...gracious wedding events style
Preppies delight in finding their style featured... in a wedding magazine

Preppies can find a Lowcountry or Beachy-casual wedding dress at...

...Lilly Pulitzer where there's also pink n' green wedding guest frocks

Preppies can do wedding top hats and Kate Middleton feather caps (How much fun is this photo booth rental? One of the vendor-items at today's local wedding event show! Hadta' check it out during a break...but of course)

The season's gearing up the holiday debutante' season there always comes, but of course, the Wedding Season fast on the heels of Valentines!

After having been a bridesmaid more times than I can remember, having had my own big white tie formal wedding, having been in the country club wedding hostess arena for years and now working special events and fashion shows for a national retailer who has a huge focus on all-things-Bridal n' so utterly beautifully southern, well.... it's quite obvious that I indeed really do enjoy all these Wedding Seasons year after year. They're primarily spring and autumn based seasons; that being said, however, year-round there's always a lot of wedding inspirations within the fashion, home decor', floral, catering and other related industries.

This year we've been having such a blast with wedding events: our Spring Engagement Party kicked-off this current wedding season and today we were at a local Bridal Showcase where we had a table stacked with wondrous wedding things and information plus I produced the fashion show. Well, actually two fashion shows: since this was a long-afternoon event, the organizers wanted a repeat of the show to catch the bevvy of brides and their wedding party attendants, grooms, parents and such who were coming in towards the latter part of the day. I didn't mind at all doing the fashion show's coordinating and commentating twice in one afternoon- no problem and what fun!

Being an individual who's a hopeless romantic, loves all things beautiful, adores flowers and has enjoyed her own happy state of matrimony for (as of this coming April) 20 years so far n' so good.... I really, really like the planning of weddings, the going-to weddings and the lovely things n' people of weddings however...I'm through with being-in weddings. Now in my 40's, I've been there and done that with being in bridal parties but I just sooo love being a guest! The dressier the wedding, oh, the more fun I have in getting ready to go to it.

One thing I've noticed over the past three decades of my lifetime where weddings have so very much been in my world n' worldview is how wonderfully personalized they are becoming. It's a trending that I warmly welcome as brides and grooms and sometimes even entire families can tweak their wedding theme, focus, details and so forth as to what means the most to them. Weddings have gone beyond the basics of choosing the month, the colors and the flowers. Weddings now include personalization down to the typeset font desired for the embroidered monograms stitched into the backs of reception chairs' linen coverings! It's amazing what-all can be so uniquely personalized and after this afternoon's perusing of the bevvy of vendors in the show's big exhibit hall between my fashion shows, I'm even more amazed at the level of individualism a wedding can now have and so elegantly express- wow.

Of course, anything relating to Elegant, Elegantly-Preppy or just Outright-Preppy always catches my eye. Imagine my smile then when I opened the latest issue of a great wedding magazine, Charleston Weddings where on pages 100 and 101 there's a theme photo and idea spread for "True Prep"...yes, alrighty then! LOVE IT!

This particular wedding-focused publication has definitely proven quite well its title's byline of: the essential guide for every Lowcountry bride. It is one absolutely gorgeous magazine and by nature of all things Lowcountry, Charleston Weddings exudes prettily-Preppy on about every single one of its pages including the advertising. I save my issues of this for floral arrangements and entertaining inspiration but also in the hopes that when James and I reach our 25th Anniversary in five years, that we'll throw an elegant party out by the marsh celebrating all things romantic.....

It's such a personal pleasure within my daily living experience when an area of living that I personally really enjoy as an individual also is an ongoing work area within my career.

Do what you love and I'd add, "...within all the lovely" to the fortunate work-experiences I've experienced within the wedding industry throughout the years. Viva romantic love, ahhh!


  1. That must be soooo much fun! Reading what you like about your involvement with the business resonates with me..I love the same things, tradition, romance, all things beautiful, working with beautiful flowers, parties, etc....humm....when this is all done, maybe I have found my second calling in life! I love that weddings also seem to be making a nod towards tradition again (going based on the ones I have been to in recent years unless it just happens to be the ones I attended) and I love that! When you mentioned the monograms on back of the linen slipcovered it!
    And of course how wonderful to be the "captain" so to speak of the journey two young people are just about to embark on in their new life together....ahhh romance, its the best!

  2. Hello there and oh yes, totally...I can sooo see you very much enjoying being involved in the wedding event business in one way or another- how neat would that be?! :)

    It is such a wonderful time of life to get involved with from the professional side and thankfully, unlike the tv show, I've rarely run across a Bridezilla though some Mother-of-the-Brides can be challenging at times yet's almost always been happy people and happy times. I've cut so many wedding cakes in my time already after the Bride and Groom's first slice and many great memories from that n' all-'round the receptions, rehearsal dinners and wedding ceremonies.

    Time magazine recently had an issue that asked the question of if marriage is still relevant within today's culture of divorce and I believe that is still very much is- maybe now so more than ever. Traditional values and the rites of life's passages will always continue to wind themselves through whatever current-culture's got the media's attention for the moment.

    And romance, I's the best and will continue to send brides down the aisle and have grooms waiting at the end of that aisle for them :)

    If you do at some point go into an aspect of wedding events, please do let me know- how exciting would that be?!!!

    Best as always, Lachlan

  3. Love this post Miss Preppy, *all* of it. Congratulations on the media coverage, you clearly do such an incredible job, any couple working with you is fortunate to have the benefit of your exquisite taste as well as your years of experience.

    It is fun to see the more personalized trend continuing, it truly can make a special day even more so.

    Sending you a smile,

  4. Thank you so much tp :) I really appreciate your kind comments and it is such fun to be able to help out people during such a wonderful time in their life journeying... I am so fortunate to be able to do this through the years and thankful about that.

    The personalization trending just blows me away at times with how creative it is! Back in 1991 when James and I were married, the most that was out there in regards to this were printed matchbooks and cocktail napkins which we had no interest in at all... and none of the theme-ism beyond what season, seasonal colors...things like revolving decor' around a love for vintage n antiques or around nature/butterflies weren't even thought least not to my knowledge and cultural parameters.

    This issue of Charleston Weddings has both a Vintage-themed wedding in it as well as a nature/Butterflies one- amazing, just amazing!

    Best to you and thx for the smile :) Lachlan