Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February's Friviolities... Preppy, Pretty and Practical

A tableau of fine n' fun friviolities gathered this month to enjoy....
Where the calla lilly bulbs have been adding to the atmosphere here...

Remember my post about Cheerful Cash...the hundred dollars I am limiting myself to spending for just-for-fun fancies each month of this year? (See Spring Pretty and Pretty Thrifty Too! Perfectly Pretty from the Saturday, January 22 post)

Well, here's a snapshot of this month's "February's Friviolities": 8 days and $80.00 in so far.

It's funny that last month, it was towards the end that I cheerfully spent the budgeted cash fun-money and it only totaled up to $70.00...obviously each month will be different.

This month's tally so far is the following:

A great no-name-brand Trench Coat in a tuliped-purple hue that I wish I would have had with me while in Paris last spring! It has a detachable liner and hood and since I literally live in smart, structured lightweight jackets here in the late winter and early spring, this is a savvy buy at thirty whole dollars after the sale price plus my employee discount-yes, score!

Tucked in the trench coat's arm is a book I found at our small, locally-owned bookstore here in town which looks quiet interesting and for two dollars, why not? It's "Deep In The Familiar- Four Life Rythems" by Joan Cannon Borton. The author is a Benedictine oblate who leads workshops on writing and spirituality and if she's anything akin to one of my favorite writers within this genre', Kathleen Norris, then this'll be a very well spent two bucks indeed.

Placed on top of the book is an elegant Sterling Pin/Pendant that I've been espying in one of our local antique stores since December. Very vine scrolled n' intertwined William Morris styled, I can see me wearing this a lot since I like bright, bold silver pieces and do wear pins plus can pop this on a strand of smaller-sized pearls, my sterling necklace loop or a velvet band...tres' chic.

Set out next to the trench coat's sleeve is a large bottle of Cherry Blossom & Almond Oil moisturizing body wash by pure & natural. Having just used-up the body wash I already had this morning in the shower, I needed some anyway and this will be wonderful with it being moisturizing for the wintertime plus organic, biodegradable and in 100% recyclable packaging.

Right next to that are two O.P.I. nail polishes enclosed in the adorable glass cupcake display stand which I bought to set beside my plain glass cake stand in the baking-spot I have here in the kitchen. I really don't like cooking at all but I loooove to bake and so, for nine dollars, it's gracing our countertops now. The nail polishes are so spring-fun in my usual lighter ballet-pink tones I wear in this newest shade, "It's A Girl!" and then the funkier, deep orchid hue, "Pompeii Purple".

Finally, brightening up my interiors lately are these calla lilly bulbs now blooming so nicely- this group is in a small opaque glass floral urn I picked up at one of our local charity thrift shops for a whole dollar. Thank goodness for potted bulbs this winter!

And so that's the recap and though I only have twenty dollars left this month (if I so choose to use it) my cheerful cash friviolity so far will definitely be a lasting niceity throughout the month.

Preppy, Pretty and Practical...well mostly practical-ish... I'm likin' this cheerful cash project!


  1. Love the way you were so resourceful wtih your frivolous fund. I love Cala lillies and nothing like watching a bulb come to life..i have a bunch of amaryllis bulbs doing just that right now. how about taking yourself to a great movie and gorging on a huge bucket of buttery popcorn with the remaining 20....lol. Enjoy!

  2. That's a GREAT idea....the movies and a big bucket of popcorn- love it!

    Hopefully the docs and I will get this pesky ruptured disc situation under control and then I can sit long enough again for a movie ;) Tonight James and I went out to dinner with some friends and before our entrees came to the table, I was already hurting, oh well. I just did the ole' "grin and bear it" but now I'm lying here on an ice pack. It was well worth the fun time we had though....

    Neat about your bulbs too! Every autumn I stock-up on bulbs to plant in various cache pots, pots, small floral urns and such for interior-cheer through these colder, rainy days we tend to have.

    I wore my new plum-hued trench coat out tonight, received a lot of compliments on it and no one could believe that I got this for only thirty bucks ;)

    Best to you as always, Lachlan