Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Preppy's Car Interior... Ya' just can't hide the-Preppy!

Pink and Green is on the scene...of a car's interior!

I really had to laugh the other day... sometimes ya' just can't "hide the-Preppy" of yourself when it comes to the day to day living tableaus which define a person even when they're not conscious of this until, like I was, a Preppy setting caught my eye as I was getting out of the car yesterday.

Reaching into the passenger side of my car to get my water bottle and the shoes I use for physical therapy sessions lately with my back, I was struck with how the individual items I was ready to take out were so obviously Preppy. So it was a quick click of my cell phone's camera, a chuckle at myself and eventually, this blog post.

Hmm, this seems kinda' like it was when our family moved up north to Wisconsin for awhile for Dad's career and certain words I'd say would betray my Georgia-girl true roots and so likewise these few items are saying "Preppy" visually:

Glaring-white are my Tretorns but of course! I've worn this particular brand of tennis shoe since my junior high days of both playing tennis very-badly and also being a cheerleader. Replacement versions of these always-all-white Tretorns have followed me through high school cheerleading, college sorority days and on into adulthood. One of my favorite ways to wear these shoes are being paired up with kacki shorts, a white Ralph Lauren polo shirt, my short pearl necklace and smaller-sized pearl stud earrings and.....a deep, late summer tan to be sure.....

Next up visually perhaps is the quite-bright floral Vera Bradley fabric paperback book cover that's perched atop a Veranda magazine and our local fun-freebie lifestyle paper I pick up either at the grocers or our tiny local library. I have two of these Vera Bradley book covers: one's this particular one for spring/summer and the other one's more autumn/winter color toned. I've given these as presents to many girlfriends and wish that the company was still making them.

Finally, there's my "L" monogrammed water bottle that is my go-to hydration each day. Every morning I refresh the water in it and every night I take it back into the house to rinse out...a very practical and pretty answer to the plastic-bottles dilemma. When you put water into something like this from a water filter pitcher that's chilling in the refrigerator, simplicity reigns.

Oh isn't it all too true? Once a Preppy, ever always a Preppy?

Peer into the interior of a car upon occasion it seems......


  1. My car has the same feel. I have a pink pillow in the back seat, a green umbrella and a pink and green Tervis tumbler. And yes once a preppy, always a preppy.

  2. LOVE IT Wendy! :) Totally "collars up" and I bet your car looks great with those touches of pink and green....wonderful!

    Preppy's just in-the-blood isn't it????

    Thx for your comment post and I hope you're doing well and staying warm this winter. It's been either rain or sunny skies out here on the island but we did have one really neat very foggy cluster of days awhile ago. I miss skiable-snow though...

    Best, Lachlan

  3. Very cute, my car seems to have many of the same items and the Tretorns bring back a huge rush of memories..thats all I wore in high funny. At least you travel in style:)

  4. Thanks enchanted home :) So neat that you have Tretorn memories too...what a classic tennis shoe it simply is isn't it?

    I agree, might as well travel around the roads in style! Love it!

    Now when we lived out in Park City, UT it was a lot of our fly fishing gear thrown in back, a Nalgene bottle from Eddie Bauer and my large Vera Bradley brown, cream, black etc color toned Black Walnut fabric tote bag constantly in the car... funny how where one lives can essentially "tweak the Preppy" styling ;)

    Best to you, Lachlan

  5. So funny! Have you seen my post on my car?

  6. Hey bevy! Totally wonderful...your car definitely is Preppy-to-the-max, I love that! :)

    The pink n' green coursing through our bloodlines just can't be denied eh? Even within and without our driving vehicles, haha...

    Best to you as always, Lachlan

  7. What a great scene...and I love your Tretorns! What kind of car? Those look a lot like the leather seats in my Volvo. :)

  8. Hi John!

    We have a Jeep Liberty and a Jeep Wrangler n' then a good ole' truck ;) This is the interior of the Liberty.

    Now that we've left fulltime island living, I've been thinking of going Volvo-sedan for my main around town car. Everyone I know who has a Volvo absolutely loves them so I'm leaning that way...

    Best, Lachlan